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S H O R T   F I L M S,   C O M M E R C I A L S    A N D    P R O M O   V I D E O S


WUURM is a short, horror-comedy film currently in production by Dogbrain Videos and directed by Chris Wade. 

Barry, a pathetic middle class man on the wrong side of 50 has locked himself in his bathroom, hiding a secret from his overbearing elderly mother. Somewhere, somehow, Barry has picked up an evil, sentient tapeworm which is driven him to madness.

After getting him to nearly kill someone, Barry knows there's only one thing left to do. Flush out the WUURM and grapple in a fight to the death!

WUURM is a self-funded 7 minute film, inspired by the B-Movie
 era of 70's/80's horror cinema. This, coupled with the British sitcom charm of the 90's with the likes of Father Ted and Bottom makes the film a strange site to behold. As of December 2021, the film has completed principal shooting and is currently in the post-production stages.


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